wildcard ILT20 season 2

ILT20 Season 2: introduced Wildcard and Super-Sub

The International League T20 introduced new rules in the league. These rules will be implemented in the second season of ILT20. These rules are the first to be applied in this league. These two rules are wildcard players and super-sub rules. The UAE T20 League season 2 is scheduled  and will be played between January to February 2024.

Wildcard Rule

The International League T20 allows all six franchises to add two more players to their squads. Initially, it was allowed by the ILT20 that every franchise could pick 22 players in their squad for a $2.5 million budget. But now they allowed two more players to be in the squad to make this league more entertaining by adding some more players. And it’s the best opportunity for players who will add to the league.

wildcard ILT20 season 2

The budget for each team was $2.5 million. If they have already spent this budget on 22 players, they are allowed to spend 10% more of the allocated budget. These two extra players from each team can join their team at any time in the league.

It’s introduced to make a good team, and it’ll help franchises if some players are not fully available or in case some injuries happen. This is a positive option for ILT20 and franchises.

Super-Sub Rule

According to super-sub a team can replace a player during the game. They can substitute the player according to the match situation or if an injury happens. Once they substitute the player, they cannot call back their main player.

super-sub ILT20 season 2

They can substitute the player in these situations:

  • After completing the 1st over of an inning of a match
  • After the fall of a team,.
  • After completing an over
  • At the start of the 2nd inning, if required.

The process to allow the substitute is that the head coach will inform the 4th umpire, and field umpires will inform the scorer to add his stats.

The conclusion of these rules is that they will help all teams. All teams will try to benefit from this opportunity and try to win the title.

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