2nd most watched cricket league

Inaugural ILT20 2nd most watched cricket league in India

As the ILT20 continues to evolve and weave its magic into the cricket landscape, it will remain an integral part of India’s sporting legacy, etching its mark as a powerhouse of talent, excitement, and unforgettable cricket moments.

  • Over 367 million viewers watched the DP World ILT20 season 1 2023 live broadcast on ZEE’s linear channels, internet platforms, and syndicated partner platforms worldwide
  • Over 250 million of the 367 million views on ZEE’s linear channels and online platforms were from India.
  • According to a YouGov report, the DP World ILT20 Season 1 cricket competition is the second-most viewed in India.
2nd most watched cricket league

General Secretary ECB Mubashshir Usmani

The 1st edition of the International League T20 greatly impacts the world. Gulf Giants is the winner of the 1st edition of 2023. James Vince led the Gulf team and won the 1st glittered trophy of the tournament. The captaincy of James was amazing throughout the tournament. The final of the inaugural ILT20 was played in Dubai Cricket Stadium on February 12, 2023, in front of a huge crowd.

Zee President Business Rahul Johri

The stats of 1st edition shows that it’s a very successful season of the league. This is the 2nd most watched cricket league in India. Over 367M views, 255.4M are from India on all digital platforms, and the rating is 0.19. ZEE’s channels and their digital platforms are the broadcasters of the league. These stats are satisfying for the opening edition of the league.

The major cause of the success of this league is the quality of cricket. One hundred eighteen foreign players play in this league, most of which are big names in the cricket world. All foreign players have done their job for their teams to make it successful. The Gulf Giants won the tournament’s 1st title, led by James Vince.

Managing Director of YouGov Sports India

Joseph Eapen has expressed his admiration for the remarkable success of ILT20. This cricket league has gained recognition as a trusted media evaluation provider for various global cricket leagues. The inaugural season of ILT20 has stood out as an extraordinary achievement, garnering substantial attention from a diverse audience.

Eapen highlights that ILT20’s inaugural season has reached an impressive milestone of over 367 million unique viewers worldwide, with a substantial portion of these viewers, around 250 million, hailing from India. According to Eapen, this accomplishment sets ILT20 apart from other T20 leagues, establishing it as a groundbreaking success story.

Furthermore, the anticipation for the league’s second edition is mounting, with ILT20 slated to return on January 13, 2024. The upcoming season is expected to bring an array of exciting announcements as teams gear up for the players’ retention process and consider potential new additions from the UAE.

Season two of ILT20 is poised to feature a world-class lineup of players, showcasing the homegrown cricketing talent developed within the UAE. The league aims to demonstrate once again the cricketing prowess, strategic thinking, and depth of talent the UAE offers on the global stage.


The ILT20, short for Indian League T20, is a professional Twenty20 cricket league that took its maiden bow on the Indian cricketing stage.

The ILT20’s meteoric rise to being India’s second most-watched cricket league speaks volumes about its popularity. While the Indian Premier League (IPL) remains the reigning champion in terms of viewership, the ILT20 has managed to carve a significant niche for itself.

Final Verdict

In a cricket-lover nation like India, the Inaugural ILT20 has captured the attention of cricket fans. With its potent combination of on-field excellence and off-field entertainment, this dynamic league has surged to claim the title of the 2nd most watched cricket league in the country.

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