PCB allows to Pakistani players

PCB Allow to Pakistani Players for the 2nd Season of ILT20 2024

In a thrilling event, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has given the green light to Pakistani players to take center stage in ILT20’s session 2 of 2024. Get ready to witness your favorite local talents showing their talents alongside international stars at this event.

Pakistani cricket fans can enjoy it as their local heroes are set to shine on the global stage. They will share the spotlight with international luminaries in the second edition of the DP World International League T20 (ILT20) 2024.

PCB allows to Pakistani players

Participation Of Pakistani Players In 2nd Season of ILT20 2024

Many players are likely to participate in the 2nd edition of ILT20 2024. The chairman of PCB, Najam Sethi, announced that Pakistani players can play in the DP World International League T20 2024. 

In the 1st edition of the league, Pakistani players were allowed it by the ex-chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja. He has decided not to give NOCs to their players. That’s why Pakistani players were not playing in the opening edition of the league. 

The Desert Vipers picked the only Pakistani player Azam Khan in the draft of 2023, but after not getting NOC, he was released. The other Pakistani players got offers of big pay and captaincy from the team owners, but they did not join. 

In 2024 all players will be available for the draft. Najam Sethi decided to allow their players to participate in the ILT20 2024. He wants to be a good relationship with the ECB because on bad days in Pakistan ECB helps Pakistan. After the attack on Siri Lanka, team UAE was the home ground of Pakistan. 

The Pakistani players are allowed to participate in the 2nd edition of the ILT20 2024 by the chairman of PCB, Najam Sethi. In 2023 it was not allowed by the ex-chairman PCB Ramiz Raja. Chairman PCB Najam Sethi wants a good relationship with the ECB. The opening season of the ILT20 was successful hope the next season will be amazing.


The current PCB Chairman, Najam Sethi, spearheaded the decision to permit Pakistani players in the 2nd season of ILT20 2024.

Chairman Najam Sethi’s decision is rooted in fostering a positive relationship with the ECB, a supportive ally during Pakistan’s challenging times, such as using UAE as a home ground post the attack on Sri Lanka.

Final Verdict

The stage is set, and the storylines are poised for an exciting cricket event as Pakistani players enter the ILT20 scene in 2024. With the diplomatic edge and the promise of unity among cricket fans, this season holds the potential to catch memorable moments in cricket history. 

Get ready for a tournament that promises to be amazing, like ILT20 2024 second season, where dreams will be chased and legends will be made

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