ILT20 Schedule 2024, Fixtures, and Match Time Table

ILT20 schedule 2024

The International League ILT20 2024, announced by the ECB and Arab United Emirates. The ILT20 also controls it. It is scheduled from January 19, 2024, to February 17, 2024, in different stadiums in the UAE. 

Six teams are going to participate in the DP World ILT20 League, and 34 matches will be played. The ECB announced the league’s starting and final date but has not announced the match’s schedule, timing, and dates. The ILT20 schedule 2024 is given below.

Tournament NameInternational League T20 (ILT20)
Managed ByEmirates Cricket Board
Starting DateJanuary 19, 2024
League FormatT20 Format, Round Robbins,
VenuesSharjah Cricket Stadium, Dubai International Stadium, Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium
Total Matches34
FinalFebruary 17, 2023

ILT20 Schedule Timing and Date for 2024

The DP World T20 schedule follows timing, dates, and other details in points such as

  • The ILT20 2024 is the International League T20 (DP World ILT20).
  • The management of the league is the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB).
  • The starting date of the T20 is January 19, 2024.
  • The host country is the Arab United Emirates (UAE).
  • The league format is T2O, round robins, and playoffs.
  • The T20 match had 34 overs, and the teams played six.
  • The opening ceremony of T20 2024 came as soon as possible.
  • The final match of the T20 is on February 17, 2024.
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International League T20 (ILT20) Schedule, Fixtures 2024

Sharjah Warriors vs Gulf Giants6:30 PMFriday, 19 JanuarySharjah 
Dubai Capitals vs MI Emirates6:30 PMSaturday, 20 JanuaryDubai
Desert Vipers vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders2:30 PMSunday, 21 JanuaryDubai
MI Emirates vs Gulf Giants6:30 PMSunday, 21 JanuaryAbu Dhabi
Dubai Capitals vs Sharjah Warriors6:30 PMMonday, 22 JanuaryDubai
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs MI Emirates6:30 PMTuesday, 23 JanuaryAbu Dhabi
Gulf Giants vs Desert Vipers6:30 PMWednesday, 24 JanuaryDubai
Dubai Capitals vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders6:30 PMThursday, 25 JanuaryDubai
Sharjah Warriors vs MI Emirates6:30 PMFriday, 26 JanuarySharjah 
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs Desert Vipers2:30 PMSaturday, 27 JanuaryAbu Dhabi
Gulf Giants vs Dubai Capitals6:30 PMSaturday, 27 JanuarySharjah
MI Emirates vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders2:30 PMSunday, 28 JanuaryAbu Dhabi
Desert Vipers vs Sharjah Warriors6:30 PMSunday, 28 JanuarySharjah
Sharjah Warriors vs Dubai Capitals6:30 PMMonday, 29 JanuarySharjah
Desert Vipers vs MI Emirates6:30 PMTuesday, 30 JanuaryDubai
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs Gulf Giants6:30 PMWednesday, 31 JanuaryAbu Dhabi
Dubai Capitals vs Desert Vipers6:30 PMThursday, 1 FebruaryDubai
MI Emirates vs Sharjah Warriors6:30 PMFriday, 2 FebruaryAbu Dhabi
Desert Vipers vs Gulf Giants2:30 PMSaturday, 3 FebruaryDubai
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs Dubai Capitals6:30 PMSaturday, 3 FebruaryAbu Dhabi
MI Emirates vs Desert Vipers2:30 PMSunday, 4 FebruaryAbu Dhabi
Gulf Giants vs Sharjah Warriors6:30 PMSunday, 4 FebruaryDubai
Sharjah Warriors vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders6:30 PMMonday, 5 FebruarySharjah
Dubai Capitals vs Gulf Giants6:30 PMTuesday, 6 FebruaryDubai
Abu Dhabi Night Riders vs Sharjah Warriors6:30 PMWednesday, 7 FebruaryAbu Dhabi
Gulf Giants vs MI Emirates6:30 PMThursday, 8 FebruaryDubai
Desert Vipers vs Dubai Capitals6:30 PMFriday, 9 FebruaryDubai
Gulf Giants vs Abu Dhabi Night Riders2:30 PMSaturday, 10 FebruaryDubai
MI Emirates vs Dubai Capitals6:30 PMSaturday, 10 FebruaryAbu Dhabi
Sharjah Warriors vs Desert Vipers6:30 PMSunday, 11 FebruarySharjah
Qualifier 1 (TBC1 vs TBC2 )6:30 PMTuesday, 13 FebruaryDubai
Eliminator (TBC1 vs TBC2)6:30 PMWednesday, 14 FebruaryAbu Dhabi
Qualifier 2 (TBC1 vs TBC2)6:30 PMTuesday, 15 FebruarySharjah
Final6:30 PMSaturday, 17 FebruaryDubai


Yes, the exact date of the opening ceremony is 01-19-2024.

The final match of ILT20 2024 is scheduled for February 17, 2024. It will mark the culmination of the tournament.

The final of the International League T20 (ILT20) 2024 is scheduled to take place on February 17. If it rains during the finals, then the reserve day rule will be used to determine the winners. The reserve day is February 8, 2024.