International League ILT20 Points Table 2024

1MI Emirates862+2.05512
2Abu Dhabi Knight Riders853+0.26910
3Gulf Giants844+0.4348
4Desert Vipers835-0.2986
5Dubai Capitals835-0.3896
6Sharjah Warriors835-2.0196

The ILT20 is the 1st international league in the UAE. The UAE Cricket Board (ECB) has decided to start the International League T20 to enhance their country’s talent. Players can represent their country When they get more chances and can show their talent. 

Other country leagues like the IPL, PSL, BPL, and BBL generate local talent to serve their countries. There are 34 matches between 6 groups, thirty-one round-robin matches, two semifinals, and the league’s final. 

The points table is used to show the ranking of a team according to their match results. The ILT20 points table 2024 is for the six ILT20 teams

The teams’ standings on the points table for 2024 will be updated after the match results.

The latest points table for ILT20 2024 is given below

ILT20 Points table 2024

ILT20 UAE Points Table Glossary

  • M: Number of matches played
  • W: number of matches won
  • L: number of matches lost.
  • T: number of matches tied
  • N/R: number of games abandoned
  • PT: the number of points awarded
  • NRR: Net Run Rate

ILT20 Points Table 2024 Criteria

The criteria for the points table for this league will be the same as for the ICC events and many other companies. The requirements are so simple for the points table. 34 Matches will be played in the tournament, and 31 will be played in the round-robin. 

In round-robin matches, a team will face each other twice, and after 31 games, it will be decided who is at the top of the table, and the same for different positions. The teams will qualify for the semifinals that will stand in the top 4 places in round matches. 2 semifinals will be played between the top 4 teams, and the final will be played between the winners of the semifinals.

Ranking Rules

Some rules are used for the points table to decide the ranking of the teams. These rules are used in every ICC event and other leagues. These rules will determine who will go up on the points table. The laws of the points table for the International League T20 are mentioned below.

  1. For winning the match. Each team will get 2 points. 
  2. If a match is tied, 1 pint will be given to the teams.
  3. The team with the most points after 31 matches will be top of the table.
  4. If two teams have equal points, the team’s position in the points table will be decided based on the team’s run rate.
  5. If both the points table and the net run rate are equal for the two teams, the standing of the team will be decided by the team with the most wins.
  6. If the criteria mentioned above are equal for both teams, it will be decided based on the lowest number of losses.
  7. If all criteria are equal, head-to-head matches will decide the teams’ standings on the points table.


ILT20 is the 1st league of the United Arab Emirates. There will be 34 matches played in the tournament: 31 round matches, two semifinals, and the tournament’s final. The ILT20 points table 2024 will decide the top 4 teams after the round matches, and then the semifinals and finals will be played between the teams. The league will run from January 19th to February 18th, 2024.