commencement of season 2

ILT20 Announces Commencement of Season 2 in 2024

We have brought exciting news for cricket fans. Get ready to dive into the world of ILT20 again, as Season 2 is all set to start on January 19, 2024. Remember the cheers, the thrill, and the last-minute victories from the first season? It’s coming back with even more excitement. With 34 matches among six strong teams.

commencement of season 2

ILT20 Announces Commencement of Season 2

The international league t20 ILT20 started on 19 January 2023, and the final was played on 18 February 2023 between Gulf Giants and Desert Vipers. The Gulf Giants, owned by Adani Sportsline, proudly claimed the stunning DP World ILT20 trophy and received a winning prize of USD 700,000.

On that day, the chairman of DP World ILT20 announced that 19 January 2024 is the commencement date of season 2. There’ll be 34 matches played between 6 teams. The final of ILT20 season 2 will be played on 18 February 2024. 

The 1st season of this league was successful, so chairman ILT20 decided to continue the leakage as every country has its league. That’s why ECB decided to start their league to support their country’s young talent and support financially. 

When foreign players share their dressing room with the local players, they can easily improve themselves. International coaches and players are helpful to the local players.

Announcement At Final Ceremony

At the final ceremony of ILT20 2023 chairman of the International League T20 announced the commencement of the next season, 2024. Chairman ILT20 Khalid Al Zarooni said that thanks to the DP World ILT20, team owners, stakeholders, sponsors, Zee TV, security officers, and the crowd made it successful. 

He also said, I hope you have enjoyed the 1st season, and the 2nd season will be amazing.

What are the main goals of ILT20 for the future?

The main goals of ILT20 include:

  • Nurturing local cricket talent
  • Providing a platform for young players
  • Promoting cricket as a sport in the UAE

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